Garden Railways Magazine


It saddened me to learn that Garden Railways Magazine (GRW) will no longer be published. Because I learned so much from the articles and talking to other contributors/readers it greatly improved my skill set. I have been writing articles for quite some time for the GRW. The articles I created are posted on their web site under Projects: High-tech modeling for garden railroaders. It is my understanding that the web site will continue for some time in the future, so my articles should still be available for awhile. You can also access similar information via GRW's sis publication, Model Railroader magazine at, which feature product news, model build and advice from model railroading experts.

It would be great if GRW would continue their digital version. I have found it a quick and easy resource to use which is easily searched. To that end, Rallec Railroad hopes to fill the void left by the demise of GRW in some small way. We will be publishing “how to” articles that can be downloaded for free or at a minimal cost. We also plan to open up our own Facebook page and YouTube channel to spread the word about this interesting hobby.

My specialty is technology and it's application to model railroading. The projects I'm currently working on is making battery operated devices such as locomotives, lights, and switches using WiFi technology so you can control everything from your phone. It's a big project and quite a challenge that I look forward too. I am also learning lots about video and using it to share the model railroading experience.

Another area I am learning more about is landscaping. A key resource for this area is a fine book written by Nancy Norris, “Miniature Garden Guidebook”.

The model railroad hobby has so much to offer that it is a shame that it is slowly going downhill. I learned so much from my Grandfather in the 1960's and I continue to learn new technologies and applications that can be used everyday

I just wanted to let you know what to look forward too in the near future! I hope to hear from you soon and discussing ways to expand our hobby!