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NO. 1887


"NO. 1887", 16 x 20, Black and White photo print taken in 1968 by Jack Gleeson.

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We are about education, instruction, products and having fun with G Scale model railroading.  We cover such things as photography, video, metal working, 3D printing, electronics and much, much more.  At heart everyone here is a maker.  That means we enjoy the journey as much as the finished product.

All products are in 20:32 scale (Narrow Guage) except where noted. Custom scales are available by request.

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Most Popular

Oil Barrel Drum


The drum is printed using the FDM process from high quality ABS material.  It is 1.65" in height by 1.15" in diameter.  This corresponds to 3 feet in height by 2 feet in diameter.

New Product!

New product from Rallec Railroad. 3D printed, ABS, factory window with brick facade. Brick facade outer dimensions: 4.89" x 4.21" x .225". Total window size is: 4.19" x3.12" x .114". 12 panes arranged 3 across by 4 down with each pane opening .87 x .82". White ABS takes color the best. Different sizes available on request.


Small Factory Window